Mar. 15th, 2003

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Audio analysis personnel ready themselves to communicate with the sparkling, illuminated objects at the rendezvous point. A giant electronic board covered with colored strips and a powerful synthesized musical keyboard have been constructed at the site. The Air Force scientists duplicate the electronic sounds that they have heard in transmissions, mixing them with light sequences (on colored strips) to communicate. The computer and audio specialists play the loud clear sounds of the five-note sequence after the signal: "Sunset":

Start with the tone. (Pinkish-red) - G
Up a full tone. (Orange) - A
Down a major third. (Purple) - F
Now drop an octave. (Yellow) - F (an octave lower)
Up a perfect fifth. (White) - C
Lacombe suggests that the organist play the sequence with an increased tempo and try different frequencies for the five notes, as he marches out to the end of the runway. The three ships dance above the runway and respond with their own duplicate tones - they emit the musical sounds in the specific combination of five notes. And then they fly off, separating and soaring heavenward.


Give her six quavers, then pause.
She sent us four quavers, a group of five quavers, a group of four semi-quavers...
What are we saying to each other?
It seems they're trying to teach us a basic tonal vocabulary.
It's the first day of school, fellas.
Take everything from the lady. Follow her pattern note for note.
Jill is drawn forward and hurries toward the runway and the ship. One of the audio specialists realizes that they are actually communicating (or interlocked) in a joyful mood with the alien ship: "We have a translation interlock on their audio signal. We're taking over this conversation now." After the notes of the ship slowly die out, a large cargo door in the belly of the ship slides open - a blinding, brilliant white light emanates from within. The panel slides down and becomes a ramp.


One extra-terrestrial alien remains. Lacombe gestures to the alien with the Zoltan Kodaly hand signals for the five-tone sequence. The alien responds, pleasingly, to the hand-to-hand communication with a repetition of the same signals. The extraterrestrial turns. ...


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